I bet I can guess how you're feeling...


You are tired of feeling like you are just getting through each day of your life

You long for connection, passion and excitement to be infused into your everyday life but right now everything looks great on paper but feels like it’s in a shade of GREY.

You feel like in order to live fully you need to be loud, adventurous, wild, spontaneous but those aren’t necessarily things that feel true to who you are.

You want to find a way to be true to your introverted nature AND feel that spark in life that you are craving.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can have an everyday life filled with connection, passion and excitement AND be an introvert when you choose to Live Red.

I'm Lisa Chartrand, your Live Red collaborator.


I coach introverted and highly sensitive women to bring excitement and fulfillment back into their life on their own terms.

I am a life coach, fellow introvert and quiet soul with a craving for more spark out of life. I’m certified though the Courageous Living Coach Certification program.

I am on a mission to help quiet women live inspired lives because I believe...

...that passion doesn’t have to be wild, connection doesn’t have to be going to parties and excitement doesn’t have to be risk taking. It can be, but doesn’t have to be.

Your heart and soul and what it needs to feel that spark are unique to you and we can get you there- on your path, on your terms.

Over the past few years I have been on my mission to Live Red because I could no longer handle the frustration of being in the middle.  

The middle = wanting to feel like I was living fully but not getting there when following the messages and images I was seeing out in the world.

Messages like:

  • You need to join groups, like a lot of groups
  • You need to be talkative, funny, charismatic
  • You need to be spontaneous and go with the flow, say yes to any invite
  • You need to be traveling the world

Trying to feel that spark by doing things that were not authentic to me, made me feel like I was crawling deeper and deeper inside to hide.


Choosing to Live Red for me meant embracing my introverted nature and really looking at what I needed to connect to my spark.

  • I invited journaling and meditation into my life.
  • I allowed myself the permission to say no to invitations and give myself free nights- freedom!
  • I changed jobs to something that was more fulfilling
  • I became more present in my relationships
  • I started a life coach training program and made connections with a beautiful tribe of women
  • I made time to read- I love the feel of a real book in my hands
  • I surrounded myself with beautiful things that give me joy; delicate glass vases, beeswax candles and vintage inspired decor


Now I feel rooted in and connected to my life, excited about the opportunity of each day and live with a soft fire of desire that ignites me. 

That’s what I did to Live Red. What will you do?

Living Red is a choice you can make every day. It can be the compass for your life- guiding you towards a life filled with connection, passion and excitement. Life is meant to be LIVED in not just gotten through. Let’s create your Live Red strategy and find that spark you are craving.


Are you ready to Live Red?