Are You Living Grey?

The first step toward living a more passionate, engaged and connected life is recognizing that you are living in a rut of grey. Have you ever had the thought, "There has to be more than this?". This was a thought that I had quite often when I was living grey. It just felt like there had to be more, I was missing something. Everything looked good on paper, I had all my boxes checked off but the spark was just not there. With 50 plus years of living ahead of me, I knew I needed to change things. I wanted to feel passionate, engaged and connected to my life. I wanted to Live Red. The first step though was recognizing that I was living grey and that I wasn't going to settle for that.  This is what I am talking about in this week's Live Red video.

If you want to see if you are living grey, check out the Live Red Assessment to start seeing where you are living grey, so you can start taking the steps toward Living Red.

Lisa Chartrand