Getting Through Life or Living Life?

Life is meant to be LIVED in, not gotten through.

This is # 1 on the Live Red's why.
One day I realized that I was spending my days just trying to get the “LIST” done. If I just get things done, it felt like I would magically be on this other side of life. The side that felt like freedom, peace, and fun. The problem was that the list never ended. There was always something to take care of. I realized that I was spending my life just getting through and not actually living in it.
After that day, I started to re-evaluate my thoughts on this LIST. Of course, stuff needs to get done, but is that really the ticket to get to the good stuff?
To Live Red, you need to add the pieces that light you up onto your "LIST". For me, this meant giving myself time to slow down and connect with my hubby during the week. We started cooking dinner at least once a week together- well, he cooks and I "help". We throw on music, sit in the kitchen and cook and talk and connect. This also meant for me that on Saturday, I put my HEART things first... before laundry, cleaning, dishes. I drink coffee, read, take the quiet peaceful time I have in the early morning to write and dream. It fuels me up for the day. If I did things the other way, the laundry and cleaning first……I would be drained and never get to the things that fill me up. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

These are some of the thing that I have been doing to Live Red. What you need is unique to you. What is something you could add to your priority list to Live Red? We all need to get things done, but we all also need to remember that life is meant to be LIVED in, not gotten through. What is just one tweak- even if its tiny- that you can start making today to Live Red?

Lisa Chartrand