Lisa is such a calming presence. I felt safe and welcome with her. It’s always nerve rattling to open up to someone for fear of being judged but Lisa’s genuine warmth dissipated any worries immediately.

I worked with Lisa about an upcoming event that was making me extremely nervous. Logically, I knew I had nothing to fear but my emotions said otherwise. Lisa supported me in both an emotional and practical way. She allowed me the space to feel my emotions and she didn’t demonize them. It’s only after that she offered me practices to complete and in doing so all of me felt heard allowing me to actually partake in the practices she suggested. They were extremely effective & I’m super grateful.

I absolutely recommend Lisa. If you’re someone who is in need of a coach who will stand by you with gentle, clear, and strategic support Lisa is a fabulous choice. She is smart, clear, understanding, kind, and knowledgeable.
— Loha Raphael from www.liferemixcoaching.com

Since I started working with you as my coach we’ve explored a variety of topics. We’ve been able to dive into work in both my personal life and business life and have identified some previously unexplored sticking points. It’s been enlightening work, helpful, reassuring and productive.

You’re a gifted listener and so great at reflecting back what I’ve just said. When I hear my words repeated it often gives me a completely new perspective. That’s such a valuable tool.

I always leave our coaching sessions with a way to move forward, and always with something concrete to focus on between sessions. Sometimes it’s a practice or process to incorporate in my daily life. Sometimes been a stretch challenge that nudges me out of my comfort zone. Sometimes it’s been a mindset shift that wraps me in comfort.

I would wholeheartedly recommend your coaching to any woman, whether you’re facing a specific challenge or transition, or don’t know what you need and simply want to start with a great listener. Although I’m significantly older than you, your wisdom and perspective has been so valuable for me.

It’s important for people to know that you have a calming and steady presence. Being in coaching with you has been so powerful. It’s not a pre-planned formula process with you - you’re completely invested in my wellbeing and success.
— Jean Dawkins from www.youhavetojuststart.com