You want to fall back in love with your life

You are a caring, quiet, introverted woman.  Life is good but you’ve lost your spark. Without it you're feeling bored, tired, and disconnected-things are in a shade of grey.

You know you want things to change, but you have no idea how or where to start.

You want to feel connected, passionate, and excited about life but the advice and resources you have come across don’t feel true to you. They feel like they are talking to the extroverts of the world. 

You start thinking, “can I be true to my introverted nature and feel that spark I’m craving”?

Yes, you can and you are in the right place.

Lisa Chartrand of Live Red Life Coaching

I’m Lisa Chartrand,

your Live Red collaborator. I am a certified life coach, fellow introvert and quiet soul with a craving for more spark out of life. I am on a mission to help introverted and highly sensitive women bring excitement and fulfillment back into their life on their own terms.

This is where you can start the process of reconnecting to your life.

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Are you ready to say, “Yes, I can have passion in my everyday life….and I don’t have to be an extrovert to do it!”?

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