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A guiding compass and gentle reminder to come back to on your journey to Live Red.


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Life is meant to be LIVED in- not gotten through

Stop giving all of your precious energy to the never ending “To Do List”. Fun, joy and connection should be included as a top priority in your life.

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You can quietly shake things up

Accomplishing change doesn’t have to be through big drastic measures. It can done through a mindset shift, a priority change, or establishing your key values. 

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You can be completely loving of others AND yourself- it doesn’t have to be one or the other

When you are loving to yourself, you can often give even more brightly and fully to others.

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Having boundaries is not selfish

Without boundaries, resentment and frustration build, hurting the relationships that are important to you. Boundaries are not walls, they are a guiding pathway to a successful and fulfilling relationship.

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Fun and exciting are relative terms- you decide

If you don’t like zip lining or concerts or art museums or whatever you’ve been trying to like, it’s ok. Find what feels fun and exciting to you and do more of it!

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There is power in quiet, reflection, listening and observing

Taking the time to slow down, look internally, listen and really utilize the power of being aware BEFORE action is the key to helping you move in the right direction.

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You decide what brings you passion, not society

We let society dictate what "living life" looks like, how we should want the amazing job, the perfect family, and world travel BUT this is YOUR life. You don’t have to fit into a picture designed by someone else.

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Life is measured by connection not accomplishments

When looking back at your life, are you going to remember the jobs, cars, and houses OR the people you loved and experiences had? Connections are the true measure of a life well-lived.

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Excitement can come from big and small actions

Don’t just focus on the big things in life, overlooking the small. Looking for excitement in everyday little things is about really living in each moment, not just waiting around for the big things to happen.

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There can be passion in everyday life

You don’t have to live an EXTRAordinary life to live a passionate life. You CAN find passion in between the 9-5 and life’s responsibilities. It is in aligning your values to what is truly important to you, focusing on connection, letting fun and joy in, and slowing down. This is Living Red!

Ready to put this manifesto into action?